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Meadow Paw Keychain

  • $35.00
Maple Leaf
Golden Oak
Weathered Tan
Bright Yellow
Palm Leaf
Mint Breeze
Spiced Apple

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UPDATE 11/14/23 Meadow started to display symptoms of another IVDD flare up 3 weeks ago. After trying the medication and test route, we have come to realize she will only heal with another procedure. Meadow will be going in for a second surgery in the coming weeks, a date will be determined shortly.. and any purchases for this keychain will help us to raise funds for the procedure and recovery.


🐾 A keychain for those four-legged fur baby mamas.

This embroidered floral print keychain is in the shape of a Paw-print in honor of our sweet Meadow girl who was recently diagnosed with the beginning stages of IVDD.

Meadow will be going in for disc removal surgery on Thursday 4/21 and all proceeds will go toward the cost of surgery/recovery.

To read the full story about our baby girl, see below:


We brought Meadow into our family just short of three years ago, and little did we know, she would change our whole world.
This sweet baby girl is FULL of energy, love and kisses for anyone willing to accept them.
A normal day for Meadow consists of a good morning stretch, breakfast, and then we head up stairs where she will snuggle with her sister, waking up for the occasional play session or potty break, and then it’s back to relaxing until Daddy gets home. When Daddy gets home - it’s ON - A mad dash to the door to smother him in kisses, wet noses and puppy breath; it’s only minutes before the excitement takes over and the girls are running laps throughout the house - Meadow drifting around the corners, too amped up to slow down.
.. And don’t even get me started on when company comes.. or better yet, her “hooman” brothers. Anyone who has met her knows that there’s Puppy love, and then there’s the love that Meadow has to give.
Unfortunately, about a month ago, there was a shift in our house, one that has been very difficult to handle. On Wednesday, March 16th, we noticed a muscle spasm in Meadow’s neck that we planned to keep an eye on. Knowing how common IVDD is with Frenchies, I found it hard to not diagnose her through Google.
Being how normal she was energy-wise, we just weren’t sure if the spasms were cause for concern, but that Saturday evening things took a turn. After returning home, expecting to be greeted by the girls, we walked in to see Meadow just laying there, not the least bit phased to see us. If I didn’t read about how quickly IVDD progresses in French Bulldogs I may have tried to look past this but we knew we needed to take her in.
The overnight crew at Red Bank hospital was very attentive, and after checking her vitals and range of motion on her neck, the Doctor determined that she was in good health but to take it easy for a few days. We were sent home with light pain medication to use if we noticed signs of discomfort.
Fast forward to that following Monday and that’s when it all really began.. more intense neck spasms, full body shakes, heavy panting, head down and a sway in her walk as if she were losing control.
That’s when we rushed her back to the hospital, desperate for answers. After hours of waiting, we finally heard back from the neurologist. She had her assumptions, but strongly recommended having her stay overnight for an MRI the next morning to really see what was going on, and that’s when we found out she did in fact have a herniated disc.
Being the expense and procedure were both so extreme, we opted to try to help the disc “heal”, in a sense, with a bunch of medication and 23.5 hours of rest a day instead the surgery.
We are going on week 5 of having our sweet girl constantly in a play pen, crate, even a baby crib to be at couch level when we are together. Going on week 5 of 5 different medications, week 5 of not being able to watch her be herself, not being able to cuddle with her, to play, hold her or even allow her to walk around the house for a few minutes without being on a leash in fear of it progressing. In fear of her losing her ability to walk.
Watching her, the energetic love-filled light in our lives be dimmed by the sedatives and discomfort of every day movements is just no way for a 2 year old Pup to live. We have decided we are going to do the surgery.
 Any purchase is appreciated beyond explanation and will go toward the surgery expense of $7500-$8500, and the MRI that located the issue $5K.
On behalf of our whole family, pups included, thank you.

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