Hi everyone! I'm Crystal, the face behind Everleigh Meadow Moccasins! Along with me here is my other half, Guy, who assists me on the occasional LIVE sale, packages with me and motivates me to never stop dreaming. With us are his sweet boys, Giovanni and Hudson, who no matter how many shoes they see, each one becomes their new favorite. I am beyond thankful to have such an immediate support system at home and that doesn't even count my family and friends!

The First Small Step

I actually saw a baby moccasin on Pinterest in 2014, thought it was adorable and failed MISERABLY when I attempted to make my own. Having not really understanding where I saw myself going, career wise, I just gave up and moved onto the next thing.                                                                                                                                                                           Well, The Fall of 2015 came along and so did a whole new me. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to figure out this thing called life. I've always been creative and determined to do whatever I put my mind to; so with a giggle and shrug toward my first pair, I tried the shoes again.. and again.. and again. I purchased and exchanged 4 different machines and with each try got better and better until I felt a pair was good enough to share. Thanks to Facebook, my Etsy shop was born!                                                                                                                                             Upon opening, Angel Baby Moccasins was the name I chose to give my shop! This name was very warm and endearing to me, however, I felt it was implying a false message. 

                  The Reason                 

Since I can remember, my dream has always been to be a mother. I've yet to be given that chance, however providing little ones (and their mamas) with comfort and ease really warms the nurturing heart that beats within me. September of 2018 is when I rebranded and renamed my shop to a name that literally came to me in a dream in the form of a sweet baby girl. I dreamt of Everleigh Meadow twice before I decided maybe, for now at least, this shop is my baby.