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  • minimalist footwear for adults & children

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sizing for adults

trace your foot

on a hard flat surface

measure your width

Toe Box - Side of the big toe to the side of the little toe. Ball - Side to side, just before your toes begin.

find your desired style

and size up or down according to the fit tips on each listing!

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Printable Size Templates

sizing tips

sizing faqs

The 2 measurements separated by the "/" are the Toe Box/Ball measurements. We now have 2 different width measurements to assist you in selecting a size.

While I wish it were as easy to give the exact size you should order, there are a lot of factors that come into play when selecting a size. Do your toes point up? Would you rather a tighter fit so they stretch and mold to your foot? Would you rather extra space for toe freedom and splay? I have had customers purchase almost exact measurements and those that add to their measurements so there's space in front of their toes. Fit is truly up to the preference of the individual.

It's helpful to think of our shoes as a2D envelope that you're sliding your foot into rather than a traditional 3D shoe, so naturally, the upper leather will pull down where the toe seams meet. That being said - I've had quite a large amount of customers inquire about their tall/high/upward pointing toes and have had luck recommending those customers to add a bit to their measurement to account for the pull down at the seams.

It's up to you! Some customers prefer a close fit, while others prefer extra room. Please consider if you will be wearing socks (thick or thin), toe spacers, insoles etc. and add to your measurement accordingly.

The best part about handmade items are that the can be tweaked to fit you better. Please view our Volume page for information on measuring volume!