Here’s the most popular question I get asked - “What sole do you recommend?” Well! I’m here to help break it down for you!
• All of my shoes come standard with a suede sole. This sole is super soft, pliable and perfect for crib shoes, those learning to walk, or if you’d rather just a softer option.
• My Soft Walker soles are a good option for those looking for pliability with a lot of extra grip. The soft walker material is a thin layer of anti-slip neoprene sewn over the existing suede sole and right into the seams of the shoe. As pliable and thin as this material is, it can cause smaller sizes like 8-12 and 12-18 to feel stiff, so I recommend it on 18-24+ (12-18 at the smallest).
• My Hard Walker soles are currently the “thickest” I offer (unless you order sandals) and although they are thicker than the soft waller, they are still fairly thin, very much pliable and can be bent and rolled. These soles are sewn onto the exterior of the suede soling and provide protection for experienced walkers!