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  • minimalist footwear for adults & children

  • all items handmade to order
    Current turnaround time 14-21 business days

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Meet the Team

Meet Crystal & Mama Donna!


With visions and dreams as big as mine, it was always such a blessing to have parents as supportive as the ones I have. Since I was little, both my Mother and Father have encouraged me to be myself, dare to dream, and follow my heart; A blessing not all are able to have, but something I appreciated and took full advantage of.

I began this business with a love of creating and truth be told, never could have imagined growing to the level of needing to bring on help. (For the story of how I began, please check out the About Me tab!) It was the Summer of 2021 when I felt like I was at the max capacity of what I was able to do on my own. I began tossing around the idea of bringing on an employee, and often joked with family members about having them leave their jobs and work with me. 

Never having imagined I’d be ready for that step, It became a reality in June of 2021 when my Mama, lovingly referred to as Mama Donna in our Facebook family, called me to inform me that she put in her notice and would be starting with me in July.


Within minutes, I had my first employee, In the form of a Mama who OF COURSE gave everything up to help me fulfill my dream.


In the beginning, adjusting and defining roles was tricky, but as time went on, it just worked. There’s something very special about working side by side with family, despite the fear around it.

Mama Donna has graciously stepped in and taken over a large portion of the business’ roles to help allow me more time for the tasks I need to take care of. She is responsible for organizing and cutting open orders, securing rubber soles onto our adult shoes, package prep and shipping, and often takes on tasks that arise throughout the work week.


As far as myself, I (Crystal), am the one who creates the designs 


Having felt stretched out very thin, I’d 
Feeling like shewas at her absolute max of what she can bring to the table on her own, Crystal tossed around the idea of bringing on an employee. She often joked about having her family leave their jobs and make Everleigh Meadow a family business, and in July of 2021, it became a reality.

It was an afternoon in June that Donna called her