20 Spots in 22 Hours - Custom Order Listing
20 Spots in 22 Hours - Custom Order Listing

20 Spots in 22 Hours - Custom Order Listing

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Only 10 items in stock!

After taking a year+ off from custom shoes, I decided I am going to open 20 spots  back up for a custom design ONLY for the next 22 hours. *Unless the spots fill before then*

How it works:
- Please select your desired custom item below.
- Please select the month you'd like to have it for.
(If you are looking to have it made for an august birthday, please select August)

*Please leave your email in the notes at checkout so that we can discuss designs and if you are purchasing for a future date, we will reconvene again as the date gets closer to confirm sizing and design*

I will email everyone who orders within 48 hours to discuss your ideas/themes.

This listing is good for leather applique-inspired designs, painted designs, unique color combos, etc.

*PLEASE NOTE: Donuts, Farm animals, Colors, even inspired items (Elsa's dress, A yellow/Blue striped Mocc with a tail to look like flounder) those items are okay. Copyrighted Characters (i.e Mickey, Puppy Dog Pals, etc) are no longer something I am able to do.*



This shop is absolutely amazing! I don’t ever get my girls’ shoes anywhere else. Great quality, fast shipping and the best customer service. The owner is amazing and is always willing to tweak things to my liking. She truly loves her business and customers and it shows in her amazing work. Gone are the days of bad quality, ill fitting shoes and blisters/raw heels for my girls. We will never look back. EMM for life! #EMMaddict


Everleigh Meadow is my FAVORITE shop for my daughter's shoes. we have so many pairs already. I'm obsessed with the oxfords and fringe boots! The shoes hold up so well and Crystal has so many options to choose from. Crystal is also the sweetest, most genuine woman you'll ever meet or speak with and I would buy anything she decides to make. I'm an Everleigh Meadow buyer for life.


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